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love this topic please send me any add infor you have I think I am focussing too much on this what else is new
aloha from hawaii

- AlohaMike on 7/6/2000

Aloha, Actually introduced to the concept in Athens Greece from a woman from St Louis in 1972. Tho I to hail from Western Mass. Did you know of the clothing line names Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit- their advertising is somethig i will get to you.

But there is a company here that makes woman apparel called Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit boy it freaked alot of people out who thought i was from planet z when i told of my rabbit rabit rabit

Did you catch Matthew broadrick o Tonight show? he spoke of his wife's little thing she does every month that he can't interrupt.......

have only missed rabbit twice in twnety years both months were disasters

will share more later

- AlohaMike on 7/11/2000

Aloha romda islands,

An integral part of the r3 involved a literall hop out of bed while saying r3. am pm still same but as i said i was intro in athens by someone from st louis in 72.

Other than that...what about a small move from content riven r3 into e space?

- AlohaMike on 8/13/2000

So aloha I guess no bed huh? I was concocting a bed episode a he new W hotel that features a king size bed in the bar. Perfect venue i thought for an R3 at midnight...biker bar....

still may pass

- AlohaMike on 8/17/2000

Out of the mists of
legend and magic
of the british isles
comes a harbinger
of good luck, a
little ritual of repeating the name
for the little furry
animal three times
before any other word
is spoken, on the
first day of every
Some of the best
people are believes.
Join them and us in
rabbit rabbit rabbit remember it's good luck


- AlohaMike on 1/4/2001

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